Wednesday, October 8, Doors 8 pm
Ballrogg, Andrew Coltrane, Kirsten Care/Matt Daher/Stephen Baegelhold

Ballrogg is a Nordic trio of Norwegians Klaus Ellerhusen Holm on alto saxophones, clarinet, electronics and field recordings, Roger Arntzen on double bass and Swedish guitarist David Stackenas- last seen in our series in an amazing duo with Tatsuya Nakatani, back at Bohemian National Home.

Ballrogg started out as a duo with bass and reeds, and has previously released two albums on Bolage, drawing influences from European contemporary music as well as the American avant garde. Extended to a trio with the great Swedish guitar player David Stackenas, Ballrogg is moving its already cinematic sound universe into expanded pallette of vibrant and sustained sonic textures.

Returning to the Trino stage for the first time in some while is the full-tilt freak-out of Andrew Coltrane. Opening the show is the improvising trio of Kirsten Carey, Matthew Daher and Stephen Baegelhold.

October 9-10
Sonic Lullaby


October 14, doors 8 pm
Ben Miller, Viki Viktoria
An evening of quadraphonic sonic exploration by Ben Miller (Destroy All Monsters, Sproton Layer etc.) and circuit-bender Viki Viktoria, solo and duo.

Thursday, October 29 at 8pm
In Search of UIQ (2013, HD, 72 minutes)
A film by Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson
Presented by Hamtramck Free School
Free admission

With the generous support of Terminal Beach, Free School presents a screening of In Search of UIQ, a film that traces the development, abandonment, and machinic remnants of Felix Guattari’s unproduced SciFi screenplay Un Amor d’UIQ. Developed after publishing his seminal solo work The Machinic Unconscious, and the second volume of his collaboration with Gilles Deleuze A Thousand Plateaus, Guattari set out to produce his SciFi screenplay wherein a “biologist makes contact with an infinitely small alien intelligence known as the Infra-quark Universe (UIQ), which proceeds to disrupt global communications systems. Aided by members of a squat, the biologist sets up an interface with UIQ who soon falls in love with a young punk called Janice, but is separated from her when government forces destroy the squat. UIQ retaliates by turning millions of humans into mutants, only agreeing to stop if Janice undergoes an implant operation to merge her brain with its consciousness.” Ultimately the project was abandoned to the archives only to be opened and partially rendered or reconstructed by a specter and two schizoconscious filmmakers. “In Search of UIQ explores what Guattari’s cinema of the Infra-quark might have been (and may still become) in relation to his thought and clinical practice, and considers its implications in terms of the wider social and political transformations both of its own time and of the present moment.”

This film is free and open to everyone. Questions concerning the film will be discussed afterward. For more information about Free School, visit