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Saturday, May 21
Oluyemi Thomas Detroit Quintet
Doors open at 7:30pm
Advanced ticket sales are now closed. Tickets available at the door. $20 reserved seating or $12 general admission

California-based bass clarinetist Oluyemi Thomas returns to his hometown of with an expanded version of his Detroit ensemble, featuring his brother Kenn Thomas on piano, Joel Peterson on double-bass and both David Hurley and Jonathan Taylor on drums and percussion. A veteran of ensembles with Cecil Taylor, Wadada Leo Smith, Alan Silva, William Parker, Roscoe Mitchell and others, Oluyemi's last performance here included a forthcoming recording session for Two Rooms Records.

Tuesday, June 14
Circuit des Yeux
Doors at 7:30 pm

Haley Fohr is a vocalist, composer and singer-songwriter based in Chicago whose ten-year career as Circuit des Yeux has grown into one of America’s most successful efforts to connect the personal to the universal. She is most distinctly identified by her four-octave voice and unique style of twelve-string guitar. Her mysterious “Jackie Lynn” project landed her on the cover of Wire Magazine in August 2016. Recent works include an original soundtrack for Charles Bryant’s silent film Salomé (1923), commissioned by Opera North, and a critically acclaimed 2017 album Reaching For Indigo, released on Drag City Records.

-io is Circuit des Yeux’s first studio album since 2017, and it is also her first for Matador Records. The sky over “-io” is Florida’s strange, radiant orange. It’s a built environment, unnatural, made from concrete and glass, with skyscrapers that stretch to the vanishing point as you gaze up at them. It’s crumbling and suffocating, a city perpetually on the brink of collapse, where tension never topples over into catharsis, where the heat never breaks.

Inside this world and its closed loop of time, Fohr found herself able to begin moving again. “I was haunted by memories in the pandemic,” she says. “As someone with PTSD, memories are all twisted up inside of me in a way that doesn’t help my higher self. Making this album was once again an exercise of trying to relieve myself of some of that darkness in a way that music has always done for me.”

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