Earth, To
Earth, Two
Earth, Too

A solo exhibition by Henry JH Crissman
May 25 through June 30, 2024
Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 12noon–3pm and by appointment.

Tuesday, May 28
Shane Parish  | Dr. Pete Larson
Doors 8 pm
$15 | Buy advanced tickets here

Avant-gardist guitarist checks in with an astounding songbook of acoustic interpretations of Ornette Coleman, Roland Kirk, Aphex Twin, Minutemen, Mr. Rogers (!!), John Cage, Kraftwerk (the hit!?), Charles Mingus (x 2), Eric Dolphy, Captain Beefheart, Alice Coltrane (this might be the other hit), and Sun Ra.

Athens, Georgia-based guitarist Shane Parish devotes much of his time to developing his singular and expressive musicianship. He is a self-taught player who communicates through emotion, unexpected melodicism, technical whimsy, a nuanced sense of form, and rich timbral variety, simultaneously drawing from the guitar’s history and aiming for its future. 

He records and performs as a soloist, as a member of the Bill Orcutt Guitar Quartet, and, for over 20 years, he has led the avant-rock band Ahleuchatistas. He is also a highly in-demand educator.

“Shane Parish is a relentless interpreter. The guitarist's catalog is full of folk songs, sea shanties and the Chet Baker Sings album thoughtfully and playfully mangled.” –Lars Gotrich, NPR

Michigan's own Dr. Pete Larson kicks things off with a solo set.


Friday, June 7
Gwenifer Raymond
Doors 7:30 pm

Gwenifer Raymond began playing guitar at the age of eight shortly after having been first exposed to punk and grunge. After years of playing around the Welsh valleys in various punk outfits she began listening more to pre-war blues musicians as well as Appalachian folk players, eventually leading into the guitar players of the American Primitive genre.

She released her sophomore LP ‘Strange Lights Over Garth Mountain’ at the end of 2020 to a rapturous response. Her debut ‘You Never Were Much Of A Dancer’ emerged on Tompkins Square to the same response in 2018. She has found herself equally embraced by fans of old-west and equally, by left field/experimental audiences. 

Appearances throughout the UK and the EU have established her as one of the leading lights of the scene, and not to be missed under any circumstances.

The Marcus Belgrave Songbook Release Concert
A Joan Belgrave Production
8 pm

Monday, July 22
Doors 7:30pm

Beings is the New York City-based supergroup quartet of Zoh Amba (saxophone, guitar, vocals), Steve Gunn (guitars), Shahzad Ismaily (bass, synth), and Jim White (drums). From the start, the quartet found a rare spark together, the music flows naturally as an ever-transformin organism built on the quartet’s openness and willingness to explore together. Each musician brings their own sensibility and distinctive voice to the music, which contributes to its fluidity and singularity. They explore a variety of styles: structured songwriting, improvisation, spun out drone, free jazz etc. They have their first album out on the US label No Quarter summer 2024.

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