July 15
Nathan Bowles Trio

July 31
Multimedia event by Pod Blotz

August 10
Closed for a private event

September 6
Closed for a private event

September 14-15
DittoDitto’s Detroit Art Book Fair


June 25
Caroline Davis and Wendy Eisenberg
Agape Trio

June 24
Ben Miller's Sensorium Chamber Ensemble presents
Terry Riley's "In C"

June 20
Gallery talk with Henry JH Crissman
Earth, To / Earth, Two / Earth, Too
A solo exhibition by Henry JH Crissman

June 23
A Literary Celebration of Tyrone Williams' Life and Work

June 15
Marcus Belgrave Songbook
Release Event

June 14
Stitching Tales & Textiles from Armenian Creators
Tamar Boyadjian, Aida Zilelian, Kit Parks, Kristin Anahit Cass, and Levon Kafafian

June 12
Book Reading
An Arbitrary Formation of Unspecified Value by Jennifer Quartararo

June 8
Carolyn Crawford Record Release

June 7
Gwenifer Raymond
Matthew Smith (solo)

May 28
Shane Parish
Dr. Pete Larson

May 24
Mothlight Microcinema presents Gaza Ghetto

May 23
Kenny Washington

May 20
somesurprises | Deno | Katie Lass and Kevin McKay

May 12
Jim White and Marisa Anderson

May 13
Bitter Wish | Panto Collapsar | Italian Surf Academy

May 7
The Electric Nature | Mezzanine Swimmers | Somthing

May 1
John Dikeman, Nicolas Field, Thomas Florin

April 18
Teiku Record Release Show | Zekkereya El-magharbel

April 19-20
Rod Williams Quartet with Marion Hayden, Tariq Gardner and Marcus Elliot

April 16
Vulture Feather, Mission to the Sun, Nagelchrist, DJ Kenjiro

April 13
Uncle Jimbo’s Jamboree II
Featuring Lazer Beams of Boredom, Bryce Morrison wsg Peter Manzerak, Genetic Armeggedon, Jimbo n Jeremy, CC Rose, The Electric Bear

April 8
Featuring Dave Rempis, Terrie X, Johnny Strum, Dollop Eastfang
Agape Trio

Sunday, April 7
The Hinterlands in Conversation with Jonathan Flatley

Sunday, April 7
The Out Session

Saturday, April 6
Alex Harding Birthday Bash with Zulu
Featuring Alex Harding (baritone sax), Djallo Djakate (drums), Mahindi (percussion), Eli Bucheit (keyboards), Tony Suhy (bass), Zekkereya El-Margharbel (trombone)

Friday, April 5
Gallery Talk and Walk-Through with M. Saffell Gardner
In conjunction with the exhibition Ancient Prayerz through April 7

Friday, March 15
King Sophia chamber music concert
with Indira Edwards and Laina Martin on strings, AnJelic on harp, and Miguel Cisne on modular synths

February 15
Ceremonial Abyss (Live Score)
Accompanied by Emily Roll,
Tamar M. Boyadjian, Zan De Parry,  John M. Ganiard

January 27
Robert Dick and Stephan Haluska


December 16-17
Trinosophes Holiday Art Fair
featuring visual art for sale by Detroit artists

December 10
Bingo with Ceremony Masters
Eleni Zaharopoulos and Forest Juziuk
Film Screening
Popcorn Bar

December 8
Renalien, The Glass Path, Sikk Laffter - tape release show

December 3
The Societie of the Culturally Concerned presents
“Celebrating the Legacy of Ken and Barbara Cox: Melodies that Never End”

November 30
This is Performance presents
Honoring the Heatwave
Screening and Artist Talk by Matteus Huvaere

November 19
Creative Arts Orchestra featuring Caleb  Wheeler Curtis
And a new trio featuring King Sophia, Zekkereya El-Magharbel, Marcus Elliot

November 17
Ben Miller's Sensorium Orchestra

November 15
The Bridge

November 12
Simon Joyner
Matt Rolin

November 10
Fundraiser for the National Lawyers Guild
featuring Radiance of Resistance film screening

November 7
New Origin Trio (Christophe Rocher, Joe Fonda, Harvey Sorgen)

Also on November 7
Media City Film Festival 26th Edition, Opening Night
Co-presenting partner: Trinosophes
An Ecstatic Experience Segues to Infinity:
The Films of Ja’tovia Gary and Live Performance by Laraaji
Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Film Theatre

November 5
Tatsuya Nakatani

November 4
Joseph Allred, Tyler Hicks, Nick Schillace

November 2
Trevor Watts / Jamie Harris
The Uroboros Sextet

October 29
Earl Davis Birthday Celebration featuring The Brain Strectching Medicine Band

October 28
Alex Levine Quartet, Tropos

October 27
Zoh Amba - Chris Corsano,
XV, Emily Robb

October 15
Damon and Naomi, Powers / Rolin Duo, Dr. Pete Larson

October 14-15
DittoDitto Detroit Art Book Fair

October 13
Jeb Bishop, Matthias M., Matthias M.

October 10
Mat Maneri Quartet

October 4
Die Hochstapler

with Inner Ear, Kathy Leisen, David Shettler, Ben Miller,
Kenneth Green and Dushun Mosley, Chatoyant, Willis/Peterson Duo, Marcus Elliot + King Sophia, Shelby Murphy + Skeeter Shelton, Isaac Pickell, Robert Laidler, kim d. hunter, Bingo Nite with Jimbo Easter + Loveblood, Confectionary Art, and More

September 15-16
Rod Williams Quintet

September 6
Galaxxu, John Collins McCormick, Aporrheta

August 26: Uncle Jimbo’s Jamboree

August 19: Trio Imagination (with Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille and David Virelles)

August 17: Thursday Synth Series presents Thollem Electric

August 4: Eli Wallace, Jared Talega

July 14: Keefe Jackson / Jakob Heinemann / Adam Shead
with The 11th Hour

May 28: Dave Rempis and Tyler Damon

July 3: Etran de L’Air

May 26: Moonwalks Record Release Show with Eck! and Briggance

May 14: Tamikrest (Mali)

May 13: XV, The Powers (Montreal), Kathy Leisen

 May 6: Sunburned Hand of the Man, Chatoyant, Wednesday Knudsen

April 30: Willie and Pancho: Elegant World of Jazz
Presented by The Societie of the Culturally Concerned

April 26: Brian!, Spectrum 3, Matthew Smith 

April 25: Tuesday Synth Series: Chris Riddell

April 22: Edition Redux (Ken Vandermark, Lily Finnegan, Erez Dessel and Beth McDonald)

April 10: Anna Webber’s Shimmer Wince, Marcus Elliot and Jaribu Shahid

March 23:  Wrest  (Jack Wright/Evan Lipson/Ben Bennett), Creode

March 21: Tuesday Synth Series presents Stacy MacLeod

March 7: Tuesday Synth Series presents Matthew Smith

February 21: Tuesday Synth Series presents Djallo Djakate

February 17: Mothlight Microcinema presents works from the 60th Ann Arbor Film Festival Traveling Program

February 1: Jessica Pavone and Tristan Kasten Krause, Dr. Pete Larson

January 28: Modified Gravitron, Cy M.M.R. Tulip, 696 Blues Band, Mezzanine Swimmers

January 15: Ken Vandermark/Tim Daisy Duo

January 17 (daytime): Tuesday Synth Series - Jacob Rogers

January 21: Earl Davis’ Brain Stretching Medicine Band


December 15: Matthew Smith, 696 Blues Band

December 11: Rowe/Schugg, Kathy Leisen

December 10: Two Rooms presents the record release show for Conjure, by Balance (Malis/Elliot) with Kaleigh Wilder/Nova Zaii Duo

November 21: Steve Swell Quartet

November 8: ONO, Ben Willis solo

October 24: Musekiwa Chingodza (Zimbabwe)

October 19: Edgefest at Trinosophes featuring Cosmic Music Community Collective

October 16: Luke Stewart's Silt Trio, Inner Ear

October 15-16: Detroit Art Book Fair

October 8: Tatsuya Nakatani Gong Orchestra

October 6: Lime Rickey International, Matthew Smith

September 30: Demolition Doll Rods, Toeheads, DK Adam Stanfel

September 24: Chatoyant, MRKT, Image Over Being

September 17: Battle Trance

September 9: Thollem (electric), Skeeter Shelton’s Spectrum 3, Briggance

August 23: Chatoyant, Creode

August 27: Two Rooms Records release show for Fred Scott's
Journey Within45 reissue
with performances by Fred Scott and Agape Trio

July 30: The Blackman Revue

July 28: TJ Borden with Martin Freeman, Shells, Spectrum 3

July 23: Jimbo Easter presents the works of Jim Milross

July 18: Saajtak record release show

July 13: Kombilesa (Columbia)

July 1-2: Doug Hammond "Solo Griot" | The Rod Williams' Ensemble

June 14: Circuits Des Yeux

June 11: The Volebeats

June 10: BIRTH

5/21: Oluyemi Thomas Detroit Quartet

5/18: IDR_Italian Doc Remix

5/12: Teiku Jewish Music Project

May 6: Two Rooms presents a record release show for Ben Miller's In the Moment

4/26: InsideOut Sonnet Slam - 5:30-7pm

4/26: The Visitors - 10pm

4/29: The Bridge (France/Chicago)

4/20: Ballister (Rempis/Lonberg-Holm/PNL)

4/23: Jason Stein/Adam Shead/Damon Smith

4/8: Book launch for Alan Franklin’s Lives of the Saints

3/26: Elder Ones with Djallo Djakate's Inner Ear

3/24: Virago Record Release Show | Michael Malis

3/21: Ambrose Akinmusire, Kris Davis, Gerald Cleaver

3/12: Tziko & Rock For Food, Milk Bath, Stella’s Ghost

3/6: Book launch for Ferne: A Detroit Story by Barbara Henning

2/5: Spectrum 3 | Silverbones


12/30: Agape Trio plus Salim Washington

11/12 and 11/13: Eugene Chadbourne

11/6: Michael Zerang/Robbie Hunsinger/Mike Khoury

10/22: Dr. Pete Larson | Djallo Djakate’s Inner Ear |  XV

10/8: Robert Dick with Ursel Schlicht | Larry Ochs Don Robinson Duo

9/30: Thollem

8/24: Tatsuya Nakatani

7/10: Oluyemi Thomas Detroit Quartet

6/22:  Tomas Fujiwara, Mary Halvorson, Taylor Ho Bynum

5/29: Agape Trio


10/10: Yusef Lateef's Centennial: Streetside Celebration

10/3: Harding/Hurley/Peterson

5/25-7/5: Felix Gonzalez-Torres "Untitled" (Fortune Cookie Corner)

2/18: Jonah Parzan-Johnson

2/2: Sessa (Brazil) | In Dark Trees 

1/29: Lea Bertucci | Saariselka

1/18: The Blackman Revue B Side Tour


12/20: Earl Davis' Brain Stretching Medicine Band
Outer Nebula Duo

12/15: Xylouris White

12/13: Lossy Codecs, Benjamin Miller solo

11/7-9: Doug Hammond Special!
the Tribe Records legend returns!

11/15, 4-9pm: Opening Reception for Good Medicine Pop-Up Shop
(runs through Nov. 20)

11/16: New Music Super Show with Thollem & Friends | Lumino

11/22, 6-9pm: Opening Reception for HOLD
an exhibition by Cranbrook metal artists 

10/12-13: 2019 Detroit Art Book Fair

10/9: Terry Blackhawk One Less River book release with music by Protea

10/5: The Vizitors

10/4: Sarah Davachi, Matchess, Sam Hooker

9/27: Karuna (Adam Rudolph, Hamid Drake)

9/13: Exhibition Opening for Bonsai: Long Vision

9/12: New Music Detroit presents Strange Beautiful Music 12

9/11: Les Filles de Illighadad (Niger) | Shells

9/10: Ryosuke Kiyasu (of Fushitsusha), Kirsten Carey

9/7: The Blackman Revue featuring Shirley Hayden

8/17: Bon Voyage Leander wsg CJS and River Spirit

8/16: Noura Mint Seymali (Mauritania)

8/14: Stephan Christianson

7/19: Two Rooms Records Release Show: Ryan Jewell Quintet

7/17: Michael Morley: Music for the Never Quartet | Tyler Hicks

7/13 & 7/14: Phil Ranelin's 80th birthday show!

7/9: SUPER SHOW! Tal National (Niger), Sessa (Brazil)

7/5: Rod Williams Quartet

6/30: Asumaya, Pete Larson with Fred Thomas and Mike List

6/24: Ben Miller Orchestra

6/19: Indigenous Minds (Hamid Drake, Josh Abrams, Jason Adasiewicz)

6/13: InsideOut Youth Poet Laureate Celebration

5/29: Spires That in the Sunset Rise, Ben Willis

5/27: Jim Baker and Urs Leimgruber

5/26: By Way of the Drum: Craig Huckaby, Gabe Gonzalez, Djallo Djakate

5/7: Jamie Branch's Fly or Die

5/4: The Chicago Plan (Steve Swell, Gebhard Ullmann, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang)

4/19: Heart of the Ghost, Pete Larson, Molly Jones

4/8: Friends and Neighbors (Norway and Sweden)

4/5: Release Party for Soft Science by Franny Choi

4/3: Tatsuya Nakatani live sound score to David Andree's film New Sight

3/30: Mdou Moctar (Niger)

3/28: American Primitive Guitar Night featuring Rob Noyes, Jon Collin, Nick Schillace

3/24: Planet D Nonet cd & booklet release
Kings of Kansas City Swing: Bennie Moten & Count Basie

3/10 & 3/17: InsideOut Literary Arts Youth Poetry Slam Qualifying Rounds

2/17: Joel Peterson Chamber Works
Matt Smith solo

2/15: Land & Buildings (NYC/Ann Arbor duo) | The New Me
Koltay, Dominic Coppola/Fred Thomas

2/11: Party Knüllers (Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ståle Liavik Solberg)
Jaimie Branch | Saajtak

2/5: Lucrecia Dalt | Dave Shettler | The Glass Path

1/6: Atomic (Norway/Sweden)


12/21: Trinoophes Holiday Gala

12/15: Rod Williams presents the music of Doug Hammond
(with Djallo Djakate on drums)

12/17: Sister Pie Holiday Cookie Swap

12./8: Ron English

12/7: Hive Mind, Leather Bath, Grid Victim, Serration, Viands

12/1: Chris Tysh book launch with a reading by Bill Harris
and special musical guests Marcus Elliott Trio

11/24: The Bridge [France/Chicago] with Outer Nebula Quintet

11/15: Corktown Cinema and Media City Film Festival present "Bodies in Space”
Recent 16mm film works by Australian experimental film artist Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie

11/3: Little Bang Theory accompanies Nosferatu

10/15: Sessa (São Paulo, Brazil)

10/13 and 10/14: DittoDitto presents The Detroit Art Book Fair

10/12 Kuzu (Dave Rempis, Tyler Damon and Tashi Dorji)

10/8: Calvin Johnson, Cause for Concern (Thomas/Sallant)

10/6: Mothlight Microcinema presents

9/14: Karuna (Hamid Drake, Adam Rudolph, Ralph Buzzy Jones)

9/7: Mondo Sensorium, Tin Foil. Jimbo Easter

8/31: The Vizitors

8/24: Jon Raskin solo and with Detroit improvisers

8/16: Cheick Hamala Diabate

Jonah Parzen-Johnson, Dave Miller, Spectrum 3

8/2: Kath Bloom

7/26: Matt Endahl's Doomsday Philharmonic

7/6: Oluyemi Thomas Quartet Kenn Thomas. Ben Willis, David Hurley)
with Sandy Ewan

7/14: Two Rooms Records Label Launch Showcase

7/20: Keir Nueringer and Luke Stewart

7/21: Crown of Eternity (Mike Tamburo)

6/14:: Samuel Blaser Trio | Marc Ducret & Peter Bruun

6/16: Launch of FLINT magazine

6/24 Matinee performance of Terry Riley's In C
by Ben Miller Orchestra

6/29: Marisa Anderson

6/7: Mdou Moctar (Niger)

6/8: Thollem/'s Hot Pursuit of Happiness, Viands

6/5: Wayne Horvitz and Sara Schoenbeck

5/31: Eugene Chadbourne

5/18: Mike Donovan

5/18: Exhibition Opening: Angeliki's Dowry Chest

5/16: William Hooker with Mark Kirschenmann, Marcus Elliot/Derek Worth

5/15: Mars Williams with Tollef Østvang, Skeeter/Shelby Duo

5/12 Susan Alcorn, Benjamin Miller

5/10: Cinema Lamont presents Cocote (Dominican Republic)

5/5: Matt Valentine's Wet Tuna

5/3: Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band, Sunwatchers

5/1: Anteloper (Jamie Branch and Jason Nazary)

4/27: Earle Davis with the Brain-Stretching Medicine Band

4/18: Rempis/Ochs/Johnston Trio

4/14: Something Holy (Alex Harding Lucian Ban)

4/13: CJS with Circument, Tarpit, 696 Blues Band

4/12: Something Holy

4/3: Peter Evans and Levy Lorenzo, Viands

3/30: Xylouris White

3/29: Ben Bennet/Michael Foster Duo, GRID

3/11:InsideOut Youth Poetry Slam Qualifying Round

3/8: Tal National (Niger)

3/7: Mokoomba (Zimbabwe)

3/4: Ethnic Heritage Ensemble (Chicago)

3/1: Cinema Lamont presents Moko Jumbie (Trinidad and Tobago)

2/25 Adam O' Farrill's Stranger Days | Marcus Elliot Trio

2/23: Spectrum (Shelton/Arthur), Ether Arts Quartet

2/15: Cinema Lamont presents The Harder They Come


12/23: Polyfold

12/22: Earl Davis Farewell Celebration

12/21: Matsumoto/Behnke Duo

12/14: Earl Davis

12/2: Exhibition opening for Please,

12/13: Bitchin' Bahas, Creode, Sikk Laffter

12/9: James Cornish/Joel Peterson/Abby Alwin,/Sara Grosky Quartet
Betsy Soukup/Ben Willis Duo

12/8: Shells record release show with Bonny Doon, Kathy Leisen (solo)

12/6: Larry Oches/Nels Cline/Gerald Cleaver Trio

12/2: Quartet NOW!
(Alex Harding, Vincent Chandler, Leonard King, Rocco Popielarski)

12/2: Exhibition opening for Please, by Henry Crissman

12/1: Exhibition opening for Virginia Rose Torrence

11/26: Radian, Circument

11/25: Out Demons Out II with Space Band and Bill Greenshields

11/16: Happy Hour with Caroline Crawford

11/12: A Memorial for Larry Ray (1954-2017)

11/3: Embral, Devotional

10/27: City of Djinn / Lime Rickey International

10/14: Grails, Matthew Smith

10/14-15: DittoDitto presents the 2017 Detroit Art Book Fair

10/7: Mothlight Microcinema presents the Khalili Brothers' Inaate/se

10/6: Cortex, Chatoyant

9/22: New Music Detroit's Strange Beautiful Music 10 Opening Night

9/19: Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Hydropark, Dave Shettler

9/16: Swell, Gjerstadt, Strom, Nilssen-Love

9/9: Keir Nueringer

9/4: Nakatani Gong Orchestra

8/27: Kenneth Green's Relativity

8/21: Simon Joyner, Chatoyant, Shells

8/18: Balance Duo

8/14: Andrea Pensado, Domestique

7/21-22: Two Nights with Kirk Lightsey
featuring Joan Belgrave

7/16: The Jason Alder & Piotr Michalowski Contra Clarinet Tour

7/13: Glenn Jones | Nick Schillace

8/5: James Eck Rippie/Colin Andrew Sheffield Duo, Meinschaft,
Imitator, Alex Keller/Sean O'Neal Duo

7/12: Cinema Lamont presents The Cinema Travelers (India)

7/8 : Jonah Parzan-Johnson, Saajtak, David Shettler

7/7: Far Off Sounds + Onyx Ashanti

6/26: Bill Brovold, Frank Pahl, Benjamin Miller, Erik and Beth of Larval

6/23: Chatoyant, Circument, Cornish/Jones/Soukup Trio

6/7: Cinema Lamont presents a film screening of
Rain the Color Blue with a Little Red In It (Niger)

6/8: Italian Soda | Scavenger Quartet

6/6: Alan Licht | Apetechnology

5/24: Cinema Lamonte presents a film screening of Cinema Nuevo (Brazil)

5/22: Elgar Trio, Way of Dreams

5/5: Dave Rempis / Molly Jones Record Release

5/4: The Real Diptopia (with Doc Waffles and Eddie Logix)

4/29: Duo Juthoor (Abdul-Wahab Kayyali and Mohammad Tahboub)

4/25 Rough Housing (Jack Wright, Evan Lipsome, Zachary Darrup)

4/22 Karuna (Adam Rudolph and Hamid Drake)
Immigrant Suns 25th Anniversary

4/21: Seraphine Collective presents R Ring, Split Single, Casual Sweetheart

4/20: J@K@L (Kefee Jackson, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Julian Kirshner)

4/19: An Evening with Sahel Sounds

4/15: Peter Evans Septet

4/14: Book party for A $500 House in Detroit by Drew Philp

4/12: Eric Arn, THTX, Ben Willis

3/25: Benefit for Freedom House Detroit

3/9: InsideOut Youth Poetry Slam

3/3: Baby Dee wsg Car Phone

2/23: InsideOut Youth Poetry Slam - Qualifying Round #1

2/24: Mostly Other People Do the Killing

2/21: The Necks

2/11 Detroit Culture Council Strategy Session

1/20: Duo Juthoor
with Abdul-Wahab Kayyali and Mohammad Tahboub

1/13: Right Now
Alex Harding and Dr. Professor Leonard King (Lyman Woodard Organization)


12/15: William Parker and Patricia Nicholson

11/30: Makoto Kawabata (of Acid Mother’s Temple) Tatsuya Nakatani Duo

11/25: Freak Energy!

11/13: Mothlight Microcinema presents

11/9: Leonard King Orchestra
Final performance of their 2016 Trinosophes Residency

11/4: Tribute to Moondog for his 100th birthday
featuring The Wretched and the Lovely

11/6: Elder Ones

10/30: Weyes Blood, Arch Mystics, Tarpit

10/29: Conference Call

10/15: Battle Trance, Alex Levine Quartet, Ben Willis Bass Quartet

10/22 and 10/23: Phil Ranelin Quintet celebrates the 40th anniversary of Vibes From the Tribe!

10/22: (3 pm): Conversation with Jim Crawford

10/21: Jim Crawford exhibition opening

10/16: Frode Gjerstad Trio

10/8-10/9: DittoDitto presents Detroit Art Book Fair

9/14: Leonard King Orchestra

9/17: Stirrup

9/6: James Harrar's Cinema Soloriens featuring Marshall Allen

9/4: Alex Harding hosts post-Jazz Festival jam session

8/13: "This is Performance" presents Joseph Ravens in conversation with Steven L. Bridges, curated by Eli Gold

8/10: Ancestral Duo, David Shettler, Skeeter Shelton

8/6: Viands, Noise Lab X

8/5: Alex Harding Organ Trio with Phil Hales, Djallo Djakate

7/31: Tatsuya Nakatani Detroitet

7/30: Danni Cassette and Monica Blaire present SH!T HAPPENS

7/27: Michael Malis Trio, Matthew Daher

7/17: BoxDeserter

7/16: Action Beat (with GW Sok of The Ex), Opening Bell, Thollem Electric

7/15: Bill Orcutt

7/8: Avant Tarde: The Cinema of Jimbo Easter and Jonnie Prey

7/2 Lovely Socialite, Salim Washington

6/30: SEF 3 (with Alex Moskos), Lyrans, Skeeter C.R. Shelton/Shelby Murphy Duo

6/28: Cortex

6/15: Zac Brunell: Deconstructed Techno, Skeeter C.R. Shelton, Earle Davis

6/14: "This is Performance," a series of talks hosted by Biba Bell, presents The Hinterlands, moderated by David Ravel

6/10: Nick Millevoi, Ben Miller, Andrew Coltrane

6/5: Protea with Marsha Music

6/4 Chatoyant, Itasca, David Kenneth Nance, Shells

5/29: Trip Metal Fest presents a talk with Andrew W.K., Nautical Almanac, Nate Young

5/28: Trip Metal Fest presents Hieroglyphic Being in Conversation

5/27: Trip Metal Fest presents Morton Subotnick in Conversation

5/22 Peter Brötzmann and Heather Leigh

5/20 and 5/21: Rod Williams Detroit Quartet

5/11: Dr. Professor Leonard King Orchestra

5/8: Horse Lords, Viki Hicky

4/30: Diamond Hens

4/22 & 4/23: Soli: a festival of solo guitar with Peter Walker, Davey Williams,
Marisa Anderson, Haley Fohr, Ben Miller, shells, Nick Schillace, 696 Blues Band, Nicole Brown, Andrew Barrett, Warren DeFever, Tyler Hicks and Duminie DePorres.

4/16: Karuna (Adam Rudolph/Hamid Drake duo)
Matthew Shipp/Michael Bisio Duo

4/14: Jack Wright and Bob Marsh

4/2: Mothlight Microcinema presents Seeking.

3/26: Eugene Chadbourne

3/13 Mothlight Microcinema presents Roger Beebe

3/12 Milwaukeeists Reading

3/13 Faust Improvisation Workshop

3/9 Lyman Woodard Orchestra

2/18 Ches Smith, Craig Taborn, Matt Maneri

2/14: ÆPEX presents Three World Premieres, Chin and Messiaen

1/30 Chatoyant LP release with Mountains and Rainbows

1/29 Polyfold

1/28: Tomorrow We Disappear
A film screening presented by AIGA Detroit

1/27: Poetry Slam hosted by Omari King Wyse

1/22: Collin Tucker presents Maps of Disintergration and Forgetfulness with local improvisors

1/13: Dr. Prof. Leonard King Orchestra/Lyman Woodard Organization Orchestra Residency
Second Wednesday of every other month

1/10: Brunch with special guest DJ The Blackman


12/22-23: One Two Go: A Super Set of Solo Sets (and Duets)

12/16: Detroit: Itinerarnt Spaces by Stephen Connolly
Presented by Corktown Cinema and Mothlight Microcinema

12/11: New Music Detroit

11/27: Homeless and Hungry Draw-a-thon

11/26: Cosmic Music Collective presents a Tribute to Faruq Z Bey
featuring Speaking in Tongues, Kindred and Absolute Tonalist Society

11/21: Viands LP release show, Jonah Parzen-Johnson

11/20: Opening reception: Material for Living

11/18: Tom Carter, Andrew Barrett, $75 Bill

11/14: Vampire Belt (Chris Corsano, Bill Nace), Slither, Jason Finkbiner

11/12: Peacers (Sic Alps) and Elisa Ambrogia (Magik Markers), Chatoyant

11/10: Kathleen Baird (Spires that in the Sunset Rise), 696 Blues Band, Ben Willis

11/7: The Vizitors (AACM edition)

10/30: Monster Island performs Legend of Mothman/Spookhaus Apocalypse

10/ 29: Film night- In Search of UIQ (2013, HD, 72 minutes) A film by Silvia Maglioni and
Graeme Thomson, presented by Hamtramck Free School

10/23: John Pavik performs Hans Otte's"Book of Sounds"

10/17-18 Ditto Ditto presents The Detroit Art Book Fair
Saturday and Sunday

10/14: Quadrophonic Sound Night! Ben Miller, Vikki Viktoria, Tyler Hicks/Sam Hooker

10/13: Jon Mueller, Ken Aldcroft, Tiger Hatchery

10/9-10: Sonic Lullaby Fest

10/7: Ballrogg, Andrew Coltrane, Carey/Daher/Baegelhold

10/6: Mothlight Microcinema presents Frenkel Defects

10/3: The Thing, Soar Trio

10/1: Thollem McDonas

9/30: Detroit Commissioning Project presents Bob Ostertag
Sooner or Later / Trinosphere Prize Award Ceremony

9/27: Nakatani Gong Orchestra

9/25: Detroit Commissioning Project presents
an evening of electronic music with Bob Ostertag

9/20: William Hooker Live music/Silent film
Solo accompaniment to Oscar Micheaux's Within Our Gates

9/19: Swell, Ullman, Lonberg-Holm, Zerang

9/18: Exhibition opening for Pauline & Chip Flynn

9/12: Poetry/Jazz Interface with George Tysh, Craig Taborn

9/11: Terakaft

9/6: Pete Nolan (Magik Markers), Zachary Cale

8/14: We Are Gypsies
Alexander Hacke (of Enstürzende Neubauten) & Danielle de Picciotto

8/21: Philip Greenlief and Michael Khoury

8/13: Mothlight Microcinema presents
Filmmaker-in-Residence Dan Smeby (Toronto)

8/12: Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel, Bill Brovold

7/28: "I Was Here" panel and dialogue, presented by Lauren Hood

7/24: Floyd Launch Party

7/18: 100 Drawings by Jimbo Easter

7/17: Michael Malis record release
Lifted from the No of All Nothing

Pigeons, Crystalline Roses, Andrew Barrett
July 16

Paal Nilssen-Love's Large Unit
June 23

Rod Williams Detroit Quartet with Marcus Elliot, Jaribu Shahid, Djallo Djakate
June 19 & 20

The Blackman
June 13

Rent Romus with Hasan Abdur Razzaq, Gerard Cox, James Cornish, Kurt Prisbe, Joel Peterson
June 11

Quicksales (Ben Billington of Tiger Hatchery), Brett Nauke, Body Morph, Tarpit
June 7

Neil Hagerty (of Royal Trux), Nate Young
June 1

William Parker, Daniel Carter, Watson Jennison, Federico Ughi
May 29

To Live and Shave in LA, Holly Hunt, Apetechnology
May 27

Adam Holquist
May 25

Laurence Miller / acoustic set / short experimental films
May 23

Lisette and the AnacondaBoy by Elizabeth Ward and ACB
May 22

Natural Information Society, Viands
May 20

Mike Khoury/Kevin Romain/Fred Bergman, Kirsten Carey
May 13

WSU Press Made In Michigan Spring Release
May 13

Tim Berne's Snake Oil
May 10

Doug Halliday
May 8

Poetry reading by Philip Metres and Kazim Ali in conjunction with "Detroit to Baghdad" at Arab American National Museum
May 7

Instant Composers Pool Orchestra
May 5

Interwaving Strecht
May 3

Mothlight Microcinema presents a screening of A Tale of Two Syrias, by London-based, award-winning documenatry filmmaker Yasmin Fedda
April 29

A Conversation about Detroit Jazz and Live Music by Gayelynn McKinney - Part of Art X Detroit
April 26

Gerald Cleaver's Black Host
April 22

Mid American Center for Contemporary Music
April 18

Vestigial Enclaves / Sacral Enclosures: The Fox Creek Biome By Leon Johnson, With Readings by Norman Douglas, Bill Harris and Music by Joel Peterson. Part of Art X Detroit
April 16

Sir Richard Bishop
April 7

Dave Douglas and High Risk (Jonathan Maron, Mark Guiliana, Shigeto)
April 1

Invocation and Performance by YEYI: Adam Rudoph and Ralph Jones with Alex Marcelo, in conjunction with the exhibition Yusef Lateef: Towards the Unknown
March 21

Hypercolor featuring James Ilgenfritz, Lukas Ligeti and Eyal Maoz
March 14

Hydro Park, Divine Circles, Gardener
March 10

Fred Lonberg-Holm and Michael Zerang
March 4

The Blackman Revue with Shirley Hayden
February 21

Patrick Brennan's Transparency Kestra, Vinnie Sperrazza (with Brandon Seabrook, Eivind Opsvik and Lauren Stillman)
February 20

The Drunken Sweetheart at My Door
A Book Launch by Ken Meisel
February 14

Over the Pavement: A Festival of Art Music
February 5-7

Mind Over Mirrors, Joel Peterson/Dave Shettler Duo
February 2

Chatoyant Residency
Every Wednesday in January

UMS and Trinosophes co-present Dawn of Midi / Dysnomia
January 31

Skeeter, Joel, Shelby & Crazy James
January 23

Joseph Keckler, Bridget Michel
January 20


Chatoyant, David Shettler Solo, Andrew Barrett
December 19

Antonin Artaud Publications Presents a Fiction and Poetry Reading
December 11

New Music Detroit Benefit Concert
December 10

Paul Giallorenzo's GitGO (Mars Williams, Jeb Bishop, Anton Hatwich, Quin Kirchner, Paul Giallorenzo)
November 25

Frode Gjerstadt Trio plus Steve Swell
November 20

Russian Tsarlag, Dan Talbot, Thanks USA, DJ Viaduct (Nick George)
November 13

Holy Sons + Elisa Ambrogio + Shells + Haunted
November 11

Kevin Drumm, Jason Lescalleet, Tarpit
November 10

Virgil Moorefield with Vicky Chow, Ian Ding, Taylor Levine and more
November 8

Muyassar Kurdi and Rob Jacobs
November 3

Leyya Tawil, Mike Khoury, Andrew Coltrane
November 1

Ben Miller, Casino
October 25

Mothlight Cinema presents Syncronicity
October 19

Two Sets by Outrageous Cherry
October 18

Peter Walker
October 8

Dan'l Boone, Soar Electric Quartet
October 7

Thollem McDonas/Clem Fortuna Residency
October 4-7 with a microtonal performance on October 6

Mariah with Death Vessel
October 1

TRIBE RECORDS CO- FOUNDER & FORMER FREDDIE HUBBARD TROMBONIST PHIL RANELIN with the Vibes From The Tribe Reunion Band (Rod Williams, Jaribu Shahid, Djallo Djakate) in conjunction with the grand opening of the Michigan Audio Heritage Society Museum (aka MAHS Museum)
September 26- 27

‎Ty Segall in Detroit! with La Luz, Axis: Sova, and Mexican Knives THIS SHOW IS SOLD OUT.
September 22

Boban Markovic Orkestra
September 21

Tatsuya Nakatani and Detroit Improvisors
September 20

Matthew Shipp Trio
September 17

Detroit Art Book Fair
September 13-14

Modern chamber music with Lisa Raschiatore (clarinet), Jennifer Goltz (soprano), Mariah Mlynarek (piano) Dennis Carter (flute)
September 14

Travis Laplante's Battle Trance
September 8

MOCAD presents Jad Fair and Danielson
September 7

Sir Richard Bishop with Tashi Dorji
September 3

The Volebeats with special guests
September 1

Uncle Jimbo's Family Jamboree
August 30

Jessica Pavone and Dark Tips (with Raquel Bell)
August 25

Ritual Howls, Duane, Especially Good, Viki Viktoria and Stallone le Reducer
August 23

The Clean
August 19

William Hooker Trio, Spectrum Two
August 16

Maiden Radio, Lac La Belle, Tim Pak
August 15

July 31

T.J. Borden, Bill Corrigan, Cold Turkey, Tarpit
July 29

BFF Fest
July 26

Fraufraulein (Ann Gutherie Billy Gomberg), L' Appel du Vide (Shettler/Peterson)
July 22

Mothlight Microcinema and Mobile Frames International Filmmakers in Residence present the work of Fern Silva
July 19

Cheick Hamala Diabate
July 17

Three Solo Sets: Mike Tamburo, Frank Rosaly, Carl Hultgren
July 10

Judith Bersone, Brandon Seabrook
July 1

Neo Minds Poetry Slam
June 20

Boneshaker, Earl Davis
June 19

Many Arms (ft. Colin Fisher), Wildcatting
June 17

Wrest Trio, Aaron Dilloway, Clay Rendering, Dog Lady Island and Vom Grill
June 14

Rustbelt Midwest Regional Poetry Slam Prelims
June 13

Master Musicians of Jajouka
June 9

Mothlight Microcinema presents FORM/FRAGMENT: The Films of Jen Proctor
June 6

Closed after 4 pm for a private event
May 31

Chamber music with Joe Deller (violin), Mariah Mlynarek (piano) and Lisa Raschiatore (clarinet)
May 30

Man Forever, Isles of E.S.P &. Turn To Crime
May 27

Dirt Tech Reck, Underground Resistance, Alter Ego present World's Fines
May 25

Botanical Fortress performs a live score to Dante's Inferno (film) and Katabasis (NYC)
May 23

Rat Bastard, Mandrake Root, Smut
May 19

Jeanne Liotta Festival: Presented by Corktown Cinema & UDP:D
May 16

Keir Nueringer
May 15

A Reading: Lynn Crawford, John Yau and Matvei Yankelevich
May 14

Rod Williams with Shinji Takagi, Marion Hayden and Alex White
May 9

May 6

Melvin Davis
May 3

May 2

Culture Lab Detroit and UMS present In Cahoots: My Brightest Diamond and Migguel Anggelo
April 26

Pandelis Karayorgis Quintet (Dave Rempis, Keefe Jackson, Frank Rosaly, Nate McBride)
April 19

Eric Carbonara and Nick Milevoi, Fortuna/Knaggs
April 18

Ken Vandermark's Made to Break
April 17

Mind Over Mirrors, Chatoyant
April 12

Moonhairy, Two Yoko Ono Band, Lamp of God
April 10

CF Hustle: Portrait of a Gentleman Album Release
April 5

Thollem McDonas and Brian Chase
March 29

New Bums (Ben Chasny and Donovan Quinn) and more
March 28

Bobby Bradford Quartet with Frode Gjerstadt, Ingebrigt Haaker Flaten, Frank Rosaly
March 27

Robert Ostertag Performance
March 22

Robert Ostertag In-Residence
March 21-30

No Words Barred Poetry Slam and Series
March 21

Safaafir (Amir and Dena El Saffar)
March 15

Burger Revolution: Burger Records showcase
March 8

Opening reception for the exhibition, What is Stroker?
March 7

Fred Frith
March 1

Furniture Music presents Sonic Wallpaper for Your Environmental Edification
Music by Joel Peterson and David Shettler
Every Monday afternoon in February

Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band, Chatoyant
February 22

Mothlight Microcinema presents Ann Arbor Film Festival's 16mm Traveling Tour
February 21

WHFR Ear Candy Festival with Dog Lady Island, Apetechnology, Tar Pit, Andrew Coltrane, Will Soderberg, Slax Wax, Grommet, and two Dj sets from T. Linder and DJ Seoul - Detroit Techno Militia!
February 15

Jason Lescalleet, Steve Hauschildt (of Emeralds) with video accompaniment by Leigh Silverblatt, Ben Hall
February 14

Jason Anderson and Bobby Columbo
February 9

Neo Minds presents No Words Barred Poetry Slam and Series
February 1

Trinosophes Avant Jazz on Fridays presents Kenneth Green, Skeeter CR Shelton, Dushun Mosley and Arnell Carmichael
January 31

Why Are You So Sad? (A Novel by Jason Porter) Book Launch + Reading Hosted by DittoDitto
January 31

Trinosophes Avant Jazz on Fridays presents Tony Holland
January 24

Drag Bingo
January 25

Han Bennink and Mary Oliver
January 20

Young Mothers
January 18

Trinosophes Avant Jazz on Fridays presents Kenn Thomas Quartet
January 10


Neo Minds Poetry Presents the Detroit Poetry Slam Team Grand Slam Finals
December 20

Skeeter C.R. Shelton
January 3
As part of the Avant Jazz Fridays series

Square Biz Seo Services LLC presents the Blackman Revue
January 4

Itasca Quilt Boy, Ivy Meadows, DJ Kevin Boyer
December 10

Dave Bixby, Samantha Linn
December 8

Junzo Suzuki, Kohutek
December 2

Tatsuya Nakatani's NGO
December 7

Shannon and the Clams, Terrible Twos, Chit Chat
November 27

William Hooker - POSTPONED UNTIL EARLY 2014
November 18

Square Biz Seo Services LLC Presents: The Blackman Revue
November 16

Raphael Brim, Emily Roll, Hydropark, Clay Rendering, Dark Red
November 15

Abigail Levine presents Lines, Danced
November 7

VCVD (Frode Gjerstadt, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Stine Janvin Motland, Stale Liavik Solberg), Jason Stein/Tim Daisy Duo
October 30

Disappears, Ritual Howls
October 26

Vitus Dance by Elizabeth Ward
October 23

Chuck Johnson, Nick Schillace
October 19

Clem Fortuna presents a Microtonal Music Revue, featuring Jacob Barton and Andrew Heathwaite, plus the music of Clem Fortuna, Frank Pahl, Joel Peterson and Harry Partch
October 18

Vitus Dance: A Performance Practice by Elizabeth Ward
October 17

Valerie Kuehne, Thomas Bell, James Cornish and others
October 16

Bill Callahan
October 11

Lee Ranaldo and the Dust
October 12

Weyes Blood, Roach Clip, Tar Pit
October 8

Marisa Anderson, Samantha Linn
October 7

MV + EE Live in Concert
October 1

The Hinterlands Present The Circuit
October 3-4

September 27

Soft Location, Outrageous Cherry
September 28

WHFR Benefit
September 21

September 19

Bob Marsh, Jones-Behnke Syndication
September 12

Paradise Hoax, One Up Man Ship
September 14

Elliott Sharp, local improvisors
September 18

September 19

Pere Ubu, Gagarin
September 20

Human Eye and Moonhairy Record Release
September 7

Afro-Cuban Percussion Clinic with Cuban percussionist Roman Diaz
August 31

The Vizitors
August 31

Ritual Howls, 696 Blues Band, Clay Redering, James Baljo
August 17

Eddie Logix Plays Lykke Li Record Release Party
August 9

Chamber music concert with Lisa Raschiatore, Dennis Carter, and Mariah Mlynarek
August 10

Human Eye
May 25

May 17

Xavier Charles, Frédéric Blondy and Guylaine Cosseron
May 8

Arrington De Dionyso's Malaikat, Spaceband
May 7

Josephine Foster
May 3

Tatsuya Nakatani and Michel Doneda
April 30

Spires That in the Sunset Rise
April 24

Mike Tamburo and Eric Carbonara
April 15

Instant Composers Pool
April 9

Thollem McDonas Electric Performs "Tsigoti In The Valley Of The Cloud Builder"
March 29

Lotte Anker and Fred Lonberg-Holm
March 17

Trinosophes Grand Opening: The Matthew Shipp Trio, Space Band, Isles of ESP, James Baljo, Skeeter Shelton's Spectrum 2 and more!
March 9

Ritual Howls, Moon Pool Dead Band, Julian Spradlin, James Tatum
February 9

Immigrant Suns, Orpheum Bell and Detroit Pleasure Society
January 26


Danjee Flesh Nation, Ritual Howls, Airport
December 15, 2012

Frode Gjerstadt Trio
December 8, 2012

Positive Knowledge: Oluyemi Thomas, Kenn Thomas, William Parker, Kurt Prisbe
November 20, 2012

Thollem McDonas
November 17, 2012

William Hooker Duo with Films, Home of Easy Credit
October 18, 2012

Dirty Three with Magik Markers
September 25, 2012

Chris Forsyth (solo guitar)
July 7, 2012

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