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As we wrap up our tenth year in operation, Trinosophes is excited to share news about the ways we have recently evolved our artistic programming. We came out of 2020 stronger and more clear on our purpose than ever, equipped with 501(c)3 non-profit status for our event programming and publishing endeavors, including Two Rooms Records, our recording imprint in partnership with Sam Hooker (Peoples Records), and the arts and literary journal we launched during the pandemic, Three Fold Press. We are making our first year-end appeal to you now, soliciting contributions in support of Trinosophes Projects live programming presenting artists from Detroit and beyond, as well as Two Rooms Records and Three Fold Press.

Since 2018, Two Rooms' adventurous musical releases have garnered praise and charted internationally on great independent radio playlists like WFMU (New York City), WCBN (Ann Arbor), and CKUT (Montreal). The Wire magazine commended Zeena Parkins on SCALE for "transforming the image of the harp from genteel museum centerpiece to boundlessly adaptable sound generator." Destroy All Monsters' Cary Loren called Ben Miller's recent solo guitar retrospective In the Moment " ... a rich vein of solo ideas and styles; an unhinged sonic palate."  And Jazzword eloquently summarized the unique musical collaboration between Hamid Drake and Skeeter Shelton, Sclupperbep: "It is imbued with the genetic code that shapes folkloric and blues references along with inflections from the ACCM, John Coltrane and Albert Ayler."

Meanwhile, Three Fold essays have been reprinted in four languages now, including a recent French translation of Yasmina Price's text on artist Simone Leigh for the 7th Biennale de Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and several poets have credited Three Fold within the pages of newly published works. We are thankful for the brilliance of our editors Chris Tysh, poetry; Jonathan Rajewski, visual art; and Oona Mosna, film, who have brought the words and works of such talents as Alice Notley, Bill Harris, Jennifer Scappettone, Sarah Schulman, Ephraim Asili, Sky Hopinka, and so many others, into our orbit.

Three Fold is in the midst of preparing its ninth issue featuring artists, poets and writers from around the world, and Two Rooms Records is about to release its ninth album, Conjure by Balance, the project of two emerging Detroit composers/improvisors, Michael Malis and Marcus Elliot.

As partners in both work and life, we have always been mission-driven. This has been a break-even endeavor for us since day one, but we believe in what we do and feel optimistic about the future, as we are now able to apply for grants to offset our considerable expenses. Not a single cent from our non-profit arts organization Trinosophes Projects, which includes Two Rooms and Three Fold, goes toward paying ourselves as co-artistic directors. Every dollar, whether it's earned or contributed, goes directly into the hands of the artists, writers, and musicians we showcase.

Thank you for your continued support,
Joel Peterson and Rebecca Mazzei

Trinosophes Projects is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the state of Michigan that supports live programming, exhibitions,  and publishing. We are an independent, artist-operated entity located in the city of Detroit that, for the past decade, has operated at the scale and magnitude of cultural institutions with far greater budget. Contributed and earned income goes directly into the hands of the artists. If you appreciate our efforts, consider making a donation to support our continued expenses.