December 22, 2012-January 31, 2013

CITIZENS is a multimedia installation by Swedish artist Ulrika Gomm incorporating video, sound and print. The exhibition opens on Friday, December 21 from 7 pm to 10 pm with a performance at 9 pm by Berlin-based artist Linda Spjut. CITIZENS is co-presented by Trinosophes with INCA (Institute for Neo Connotative Action), a Norwegian artist residency located in Detroit’s New Center Park.

For the past three months Ulrika Gomm has worked as an artist in residence at INCA in Detroit. CITIZENS is an exhibition based on found documentary footage and text, recorded poetry reading and repetitive patterns. The work examines patriarchal power inherent in language and actualizes poetry as a political act.

Ulrika Gomm works as a visual artist based in Sweden. Her practice includes documentary fragments and sampled materials, sometimes translated and transformed. She is interested in the phenomena of repetition and oblivion, and how these become manifested in structures, layers and bodies. In her work the definitions slide in diverse directions, generating additional readings and dialects with a multitude of approaches to language, questioning general habits of language itself. The material is regenerated in printed matter and spatial installations of moving imagery, sound and text.

Pieces in the exhibition include “Citizens” (2012), an unlimited edition poster; “Crack” (2012), a series of stop-motion animated drawings; as well as the videos “Hound” and “I Am Poem”, a poetry reading recorded outside Dow Chemicals in Midland, Michigan (both from 2012). Photographs courtesy Hamilton Poe and Ulrika Gomm.