Wednesday, April 24
Fragments and Gestures:
A workshop performance by Jonathan Barahal Taylor
Joel Peterson (solo)
Doors at 7:30, $10 suggested

Highly in-demand drummer/percussionist Jonathan Barahal Taylor presents a workshop-style performance of a new,  work in-progress, Fragments and Gestures. Joining him are Molly Jones (winds), Stephen Paul (trombone), Stephen Castiglione (bass) and Gavin Ryan (guitar).

Wednesday, May 1
John Dikeman, Tommy Flearn, NF
Doors 7:30 pm

More info coming soon about this group of Dutch and Swiss improvisors.

Tuesday, May 7
The Electric Nature | Mezzanine Swimmers | Somthing
Doors 7:30 pm, $10 at entry

The Electric Nature is noise/psych/improv group from Athens, Georgia that’s led by Michael Potter on electronics and in this iteration features Zoots Houston on pedal steel and effects, who have out out more than a dozen releases. 

“Those with a serious working interest in the Athens GA sub-underground will associate these names with a variety of bands: Future Ape Tapes, Leisure Service, Smokedog, Wet Garden, as well as a couple of labels. Tobias and Fernandes bring another host of associations, from Arthur Doyle to Frank Hurricane, so we should assume this is a crew that knows exactly what it wants, as well as how to get it.

In this instance, what they want are two side-long squalls of sound, so good they have an almost Japanese cast to their improvisational distentions. Despite their parallel intensity, the essential natures of these sides are disparate & distinct.”
-Byron Coley

Rounding out the bill is the intrepid dance-collage of Mezzaine Swimmers and Som Thing, a new Detroit psych band with some familar faces.


Sunday, May 12
Jim White and Marisa Anderson

At the door:
General admission $20
Reserved seating $25

The collaboration between renowned drummer Jim White and acclaimed guitarist Marisa Anderson is a natural union of two of the most intuitive players and listeners working in music. White and Anderson are each very in-demand as collaborators in no small part because of their mastery, versatility and highly expressive playing. The duo have each amassed an impressive body of work, and remain at the vanguard of their practices due to an insatiable curiosity and delight in exploration of new avenues of expression. Their 2020 debut The Quickening exemplified that daring spirit as an exercise in trust: two musicians who had never performed together before committing those first moments in time to record. 2024’s Swallowtail is a deepening of that trust, White and Anderson completely immersed in the moment, each attuned to the other fluidly moving as wind and water.

The duo avoids preconceived movements, instead focusing on their musical conversation. As Anderson puts it, “The ideas aren’t the music, they are the pathway into the musical possibilities.” Their trust in one another and skillful interplay create an effervescence throughout the album. There is an organic ebb and flow to the duo’s motions that brings a sense of serenity and ease to spontaneous transitions, each swell and retraction sounding as free as it does inevitable.

Monday, May 13
Bitter Wish | Italian Surf Academy
Doors 7:30 pm

Formed in Philadelphia during the Covid days of fall 2021, Bitter Wish is a psychedelic power trio comprising guitarist John Comune, bassist Clint Takeda (Bardo Pond/Double Wig) and percussionist Scott Verrastro (Kohoutek/Heavy Lidders). While the band doesn't stray far from its Bardo Pond and Kohoutek roots, they incorporate more repetition and minimalism into their fuzzy vibe.

As Italian Surf Academy, Marco Cappelli (guitar), Damon Banks (bass), Davod Miller (drums)  play a surf version of Spaghetti Western, Horror and B movies and  vintage soundtracks The group was formed by Cappelli after long conversations with Marc Ribot about the roots of the electric guitar "sound". Although several classic themes are rearranged and de-constructed, the music is fresh and unpredictable.

Friday, June 7
Gwenifer Raymond
Doors 7:30 pm

Gwenifer Raymond began playing guitar at the age of eight shortly after having been first exposed to punk and grunge. After years of playing around the Welsh valleys in various punk outfits she began listening more to pre-war blues musicians as well as Appalachian folk players, eventually leading into the guitar players of the American Primitive genre.

She released her sophomore LP ‘Strange Lights Over Garth Mountain’ at the end of 2020 to a rapturous response. Her debut ‘You Never Were Much Of A Dancer’ emerged on Tompkins Square to the same response in 2018. She has found herself equally embraced by fans of old-west and equally, by left field/experimental audiences. 

Appearances throughout the UK and the EU have established her as one of the leading lights of the scene, and not to be missed under any circumstances.

Monday, July 22
Doors 7:30pm

At the door: $20

Beings is the New York City-based supergroup quartet of Zoh Amba (saxophone, guitar, vocals), Steve Gunn (guitars), Shahzad Ismaily (bass, synth), and Jim White (drums). From the start, the quartet found a rare spark together, the music flows naturally as an ever-transformin organism built on the quartet’s openness and willingness to explore together. Each musician brings their own sensibility and distinctive voice to the music, which contributes to its fluidity and singularity. They explore a variety of styles: structured songwriting, improvisation, spun out drone, free jazz etc. They have their first album out on the US label No Quarter summer 2024.

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